• Main Sewer Line Blockage
  • Clogged Toilet
  • Backed up Kitchen Sink
  • Clogged Shower
  • Storm Drain
  • Clogged Laundry Drain
  • Backed up Grease Interceptor
  • Clogged Storm Drain

Do I have a Cleanout?

Sewage stoppages and clogged drains are frustrating and make a mess!  Roy's Service Technicians have the most powerful equipment and tools to clear your line and get the water flowing again.

Cleanouts provide efficient access to your sewer lines allowing for the most thorough cleaning in the event of a clogged drain .  If you aren't sure if you have a cleanout, look for these things around the parameter of your home. ​It allows for snaking a drain and relief of congestion. Our technicians will look for the cleanout as part of their assessment of the job to unclog drain. 

Drain Cleaning

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